The Arts and Enterprise Foundation (AEF) is a nonprofit committed to supporting the inclusion of arts and business education in the greater Los Angeles area amongst our youth. We know that engaging students in the arts can have multiple positive outcomes for students. Research has shown that access to the arts boosts academic attainment in STEM as well as improving overall student well-being. Students with disadvantaged backgrounds are more likely to graduate, attend and finish college compared to students with disadvantaged backgrounds with no access to the arts. Although TAEF’s mission is to provide youth from Los Angeles with business and arts opportunities so they can greatness, we understand that during these times there is a more pressing need.

That is why we have partnered with Numero Uno Markets to provide families from the Los Angeles of Arts and Enterprise (LAAAE) whose students qualify for a free or reduced meal with a $200 voucher per student. The vouchers are good at any Numero Market. Families are able to buy food and other daily household items needed. In total we have donated over $50,000 in vouchers to the students at LAAAE.We recently also partnered with BigSunday a to be able to bring 100 back packs with school supplies to the students of LAAAE.  

“Esta es una ayuda tremenda. Desde que comenzó la pandemia, el trabajo ha sido muy lento. Esto ayudará mucho a que nuestra casa avance” 

“This is a tremendous help right now. Since the pandemic started work has been very slow. This will go a long way in helping our house move forward” 

“Gracias a a la Fundación por pensar en mi y mi familia.”

“Thank you to the Foundation for thinking of me and my family”